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Paul II, aka Paullysongsmith, was born in Eugene, Oregon, and has been playing piano for 35 years. He has been writing music for 30 years, and performing for 29. He spent a few years with the jam band 3-Gen, and now is keyboardist, songwriter and singer for the Emerald Mountain Band. He has been married to Jada for 22 years, and enjoys technology, science-fiction, and coast trips. Paul hopes to come into a large sum of money soon and retire rich.

Travis Love, singer, songwriter and rhythm guitar. I enjoy playing because it release’s you from the stresses of the day. If even one person enjoys the music I will continue to make it. Thanks for looking, enjoy the music!

Robert Neilan, Rock Drummer. Ex pornstar who dreamed of giving it to them big but only came up small hahaha.

Benjamin Paul (Ben) Bass Player. The guy your girlfriend told you not to worry about.

Shon Gale, singer, songwriter and guitar player has been around the music business in one form or another since he was a kid. His musical philosophy is "I love making music with my good friends. As long as the muse keeps feeding me the songs I will write them down and play them for anyone who will listen."
Shon maintains a personal page at

Bang Bang
Train To Nashville
London Bridge

"Great music written and performed in the Willamette Valley, bringing together the styles of classic, country and southern rock, with modern influences."
We are a group of singers, songwriters, and musicians located in Eugene, Oregon.
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